My Container Now Guarantee

All containers you buy from My Container Now have quality guarantees so you will feel confident in your purchase.

We guarantee our containers to be WWT (wind and watertight) or your money back. (Money-back guarantee does not include trucking.

Warrantied Conditions Include:

Doors seal properly – For a shipping container to be wind and watertight, the doors must seal properly. The doors on your container are guaranteed to seal properly and has gaskets in working condition, and working locking rods. Container doors may not line up and seal properly if containers are loaded heavy on one side and placed on uneven surfaces.

To make sure doors are square, place wood blocks or railroad ties under the door frame to compensate for sloping surfaces. The delivery driver does not provide these. If your planned container location is not relatively flat, please have materials ready at delivery. See Container Delivery Preparation. Please make sure your shipping container doors are aligned before contacting us with warranty concerns.

No Leaks - For a shipping container to be watertight, it must be free from leaks. We guarantee your container will be leak-free at delivery and won't leak for the term of the warranty.

No Holes in Floors - We guarantee the floors of your container will be free from holes or soft spots and ready for use.

Empty and clean - Your storage container will be completely empty and clean and ready for storage or for whatever us you intend.

Customization Warranty - Available modifications such as doors, windows or any other modifications to your customized shipping containers we provide are guaranteed to work as intended.

Cosmetic Appearance Not Covered - The warranty covers structural integrity and not cosmetic issues. Most used shipping containers will have some surface rust, dings/dents, and other superficial issues. You can request to have your container painted. See Customized Shipping Containers – Paint Options

Money-Back Guarantee Does Not Include Trucking

Note that Money Back Guarantee for returned containers does not include trucking charges and the cost of picking up the container and returning it to the intermodal depot. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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