Customized Shipping Containers

Our personalized services include customized shipping containers. Let us modify your storage container to fit your unique requirements. Customize your container with modifications such as windows, doors, garage doors, vents, and customized interiors, and more.

There are countless uses for shipping containers when you start adding modifications. Turn it into an office, a guard shack, a living space, a backyard shed or workspace, a data center, whatever you can imagine.

Many sellers of shipping and storage containers outsource modification jobs, but at My Container Now we do it all here. We have 10,000 square foot building with full welding and fabricating capabilities to professionally modify your container.

Custom Painting

Shipping containers are made of steel, and more than a year or two old, they will have some surface rust. A good new coat of paint will really brighten up your container and give it protection from rust.

We paint containers with 3 standard colors, tan, light gray and dark gray. If you want a different color, we can provide custom colors to match your needs.

Get started on your customized shipping container project and give us a call today. We will work with you to find the right container modifications for you.

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