Container Delivery Preparation

To make your delivery go as smooth and safe as possible, before your storage container arrives, make sure your site is prepared.

Your storage container will be delivered on a flatbed/tiltbed truck that needs a 10-foot clearance to pass through gates or other obstacles.

There has to be enough room for the truck to make wide turns and safely get in place to slide the container of the tiltbed. Watch out for steep hills, sharp turns, and horseshoe bends.

The tilt bed needs at least 16' ft. of vertical clearance as it raises to slide your container off. So, make sure there are no power lines, tree branches or anything else that be hit.

The site where you want your portable storage container placed needs to be relatively level, solid and dry. It is recommended that you

Make sure you have adequate space for container roll-off delivery. The flatbed/tiltbed truck needs 70' in a straight line for a 20’ Container and 120’ in a straight line for a 40’ container.

The weight of the truck, trailer, and container together can be over 45,000-pounds, so soft or muddy surfaces may cause the truck to get stuck. If the driver thinks there is a risk of sinking in, they may refuse to deliver to that site and you can still be charged for delivery.

Setting your storage container on uneven surfaces can sometimes cause doors to not line up properly and be difficult to shut. Have 8' long 4 x 4's or railroad ties available to place under the door frame to keep container doors square. Wood blocks will also help keep the floor cross-members out of water.

Please contact us if you're site is questionable.

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