Inexpensive Storage and Building Solution

Shipping Containers are an ideal option for site storage or a readymade structure to incorporate into a building design without the hassle of permits and zoning restrictions.

One of the most common uses of intermodal containers is for storage. Whether you have a business and need more space to store your products or a homeowner who is getting overwhelmed with possessions accumulated over the years, containers are an affordable storage solution.

With the widespread availability and affordability of used intermodal shipping containers, architects and builders began to consider them as an alternative to traditional building materials. Used shipping containers are converted for use in housing and as retail and office spaces.

Made of 14-gauge steel they’re durable in all conditions and can last 15-20 years. We have containers 20' and 40' in length of varying heights with modifications including windows, doors, garage doors, vents, and customized interiors.

Used shipping containers are found in a variety of conditions. The most common are One Trip, Cargo Worthy (CWO), and Wind & Water Tight (WWT).

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