Refrigerated Shipping Containers

My Container Now can help you buy refrigerated shipping containers. Also referred to as reefer containers, these containers have their own refrigeration unit, with an air- or water-cooled heat exchanger. Using a three-phase power supply they keep a constant temperature between 13 degrees Fahrenheit and 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Available as 20′ and 40′ containers, they have many uses:

Restaurants - Reefers are a quick solution for the storage of foods, drinks, and ingredients for a restaurant and that has limited refrigeration space inside. No need to go through the costly process of redesigning your restaurant to increase storage capabilities. Let us place one outback of your restaurant and suddenly you have enough room to store supplies to feed an army.

Fairs and Festivals - Refrigerated shipping containers are perfect for the temporary storage of foods and beverages at big events where you expect a lot of people. They can be delivered exactly where you need them and then removed when your event is over.

Disaster Relief - Reefer shipping containers are able to move large quantities of medicine, food, and other life-saving items. They can bring relief to areas affected by disasters effectively and quickly.

Basically, anywhere you need to keep any kind of goods cold, a reefer is an affordable and convenient solution. We have extensive connections allowing us to find the best new or used refrigerated shipping containers at a price that fits your budget and needs.

Let us know what your need is and we will work hard to supply you with the best solution to your cold storage needs.

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