Container Homes and Buildings

The use of containers for building construction has grown in popularity over the past several years. It's Strong, durable, stackable, cuttable, movable, modular, and relatively inexpensive, containers are a perfect building material.

Used shipping containers have the structural and design capability to produce a standard house or other types of building in several ways. By repurposing a container for homes and buildings they are considered by many to be sustainable and cost-effective.

Architects and laypeople are using them to build many types of buildings. There are countless examples online of amazing structures built with several containers. Because they are stackable up to 7 high, they can create large structures.

People are using them to build homes, apartments, offices, schools, artists' studios and emergency shelters. Some are even being used to make swimming pools! Just about anything you can dream up it seems can be done. Cargo containers are a valuable modular construction material to be considered when designing almost any type of building.

My Container Now does not build container homes for you, but we can make modifications that are needed such as windows, personal doors, ventilation and more. Check out Customized Shipping Containers for more details.

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